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Recent journal publications

180. L.M. Wang, Z.-C. Yan, H.X. Qiao et al., "Variational energies and the Fermi contact term for the low-lying states of lithium: Basis-set completeness," Phys. Rev. A 85, 052513 (2012).

179. A.S. Titi, and G.W.F. Drake, "Quantum theory of longitudinal momentum transfer in above-threshold ionization," Phys. Rev. A 85, 041404 (2012).

178. M. Brodeur, T. Brunner, C. Champagne, et al., "First Direct Mass Measurement of the Two-Neutron Halo Nucleus He-6 and Improved Mass for the Four-Neutron Halo He-8," Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 052504 (2012).

177. D. Morton and G.W.F. Drake, 2011. "Spin-forbidden radiative decay rates from the 3 (3)P(1,2) and 3 (1)P(1) states of helium," Phys. Rev. A 83, 042503 (2011)

176. M. Zakova, Z. Andjelkovic, M.L. Bissell, K. Blaum, G.W.F. Drake, C Geppert, M. Kowalska, J. Kramer, A. Krieger, M. Lochmann, T. Neff, R. Neugart, W. N\"ortersh\"auser, R. Sanchez, F. Schmidt-Kaler, D. Tiedemann, Z.-C. Yan, D.T. Yordanov, And C. Zimmermann, "Isotope shift measurements in the 2s(1/2) --> 2p(3/2) transition of Be+ and extraction of the nuclear charge radii for Be-7, Be-10, Be-11," J. Phys. G--Nucl. and Particle Phys., 37, 055107 (2010) (14 pages).

175. R. El-Wazni and G.W.F. Drake, "Energies for the high-L Rydberg states of helium: Asymptotic analysis," Phys. Rev. A 80, 064501 (2009) (4 pages).

174. R. Ringle, M. Brodeur, T. Brunner, S. Ettenauer, M. Smith, A. Lapierre, V.L. Ryjkov, P. Delheij, G.W.F. Drake, J. Lassen, D. Lunney, and J. Dilling, "High-Precision Penning-Trap Mass Measurements of 9,10Be and the One-Neutron Halo Nuclide 11Be," Phys. Lett.\ B 695, 170-174 (2009).

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