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Course outline: [[Media:64-544.txt]]
Course outline: [[64-544.txt]]
Pages  1-4  [[Media:Spectroscopy1a.pdf]]  
Pages  1-4  [[Spectroscopy1a.pdf]]  
Pages  5-10 [[Media:Spectroscopy1b.pdf]]
Pages  5-10 [[Spectroscopy1b.pdf]]
Pages 11-20 [[Media:spectroscopy2.pdf]]
Pages 11-20 [[spectroscopy2.pdf]]
More to come.
More to come.

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This page contains Gordon Drake's hand written lecture notes and other information for the University of Windsor Physics course 64-544 Theory of Atomic Structure and Atomic Spectra.

Course outline: 64-544.txt

Pages 1-4 Spectroscopy1a.pdf

Pages 5-10 Spectroscopy1b.pdf

Pages 11-20 spectroscopy2.pdf

More to come.

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