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===Group leader===
===Group leader===
*[[Image:Drake-ws.png]] [[Dr. Gordon Drake]]
*[[Image:Drake-ws.png]] Dr. Gordon Drake
===Postdoctoral Research Assistants===
===Postdoctoral Research Assistants===
*[[Image:Charles-ws.png]] [[Dr. Qixue "Charles" Wu]]
*[[Image:Charles-ws.png]] Dr. Qixue "Charles" Wu  
===PhD Candidates===
===PhD Candidates===
*[[Image:Houfar-ws.png]] [[Houfar Daneshvar]]
*[[Image:Houfar-ws.png]] Houfar Daneshvar  
*[[Image:Rida.png|107px]] [[Rida El-Wasni]]
*[[Image:Rida.png|107px]] Rida El-Wasni
*[[Image:Paul-ws.png]] [[Paul Moffatt]]
*[[Image:Paul-ws.png]] Paul Moffatt
*[[Image:Eva-ws.png]] [[Eva Schulhoff]]
*[[Image:Eva-ws.png]] Eva Schulhoff
*[[Image:Atef.png|107px]] [[Atef Titi Suleiman]]
*[[Image:Atef.png|107px]] Atef Titi Suleiman
*[[Image:Zheng-ws.png|107px]] [[Zheng Zhong]]
*[[Image:Zheng-ws.png]] Zheng Zhong  
===MSc Candidates===
===MSc Candidates===
*[[Image:Mike-ws.png]] [[Mike Busuttil]]
*[[Image:Mike-ws.png]] Mike Busuttil  
===Undergraduate Research Assistants===
===Undergraduate Research Assistants===

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Group leader

  • Drake-ws.png Dr. Gordon Drake

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

  • Charles-ws.png Dr. Qixue "Charles" Wu

PhD Candidates

  • Houfar-ws.png Houfar Daneshvar
  • Rida.png Rida El-Wasni
  • Paul-ws.png Paul Moffatt
  • Eva-ws.png Eva Schulhoff
  • Atef.png Atef Titi Suleiman
  • Zheng-ws.png Zheng Zhong

MSc Candidates

  • Mike-ws.png Mike Busuttil

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Hajar.png Hajar Al-Khazaraji
  • Jon-ws.png Jon Krehling


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